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Highly Integrated Processor Provides Portables With HD Video

Optimized for use in high-definition (HD), next-generation, portable video products, Texas Instruments' TMS320DM355 digital media processor offers low cost and low power consumption that can double the battery life of today's HD video products. The embedded DaVinci processor features ARM host control and complete development tools to cut time-to-market. The device integrates a video processing subsystem, an MPEG-4-JPEG co-processor, an ARM926EJ-S core, and peripherals. The corresponding DM355 Digital Video Evaluation Module includes all the tools needed to create low-cost, portable, digital video devices with HD capability. The processor comes with clock speeds of 216 or 270 MHz, which allows for a scalable line of products. Developers can also reuse intellectual property (IP) from the DaVinci technology portfolio or leverage IP from the open-source resources for ARM-based processing.

The MPEG-4-JPEG co-processor provides HD MPEG-4 SP encoding or decoding at 720p and 30 frames/s and JPEG encoding or decoding at 50 Mpixels/s. It delivers the equivalent of 400 MHz of digital signal processing to achieve HD video. The video processing subsystem, which is featured on all DaVinci devices, integrates a preview engine, histogram, re-sizer, and on-screen display all in hardware. These tasks equate to approximately 240 MHz of performance on a digital signal processor. An integrated 10-bit digital-to-analog converter and video encoder save developers up to $2 in the bill of materials, as well as the associated manufacturing and design costs compared to the use of discrete parts. To prolong battery life, the DM355 consumes only about 400 mW during HD MPEG-4 encoding and only 1 mW of standby power. The device comes in a 13- by 13-mm, 329-pin, 0.65-mm pitch ball-grid array package.


The 216-MHz version will cost $9.75 each in volume. The 270-MHz version will cost $11.49 each in volume. The TMDXEVM355 Digital Video Evaluation Module is available now for $495. The TMX320DM355ZCE216 is sampling now.


Visit www.ti.com/dm355pr.

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