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HW/SW DAQ Products Make Palm-To-PC Connectivity A Breeze

Two data-acquisition (DAQ) hardware modules and three Connection software programs created by Datastick Systems facilitate connectivity of Palm PCs to desktop PCs while expanding their functionality.

The 12-bit, 20-kHz DAS-1254 (four analog inputs) and DAS-1294 (eight analog inputs) DAQ modules firmly attach to the Palm handheld PC. Users can connect their analog sensors to the Palm for a complete system that measures pressure, acceleration, and other functions. The units allow the creation of instant spreadsheets on the PC once measurement data is synched, enabling fast and easy integration with the enterprise and the Web. Also, the modules offer strip-chart recorder emulation.

Datastick Report System (DRS) software eliminates several portable problems. Users can quickly view the measured data on the desktop PC, integrate with standard databases and other software applications, and publish the data in reports and on the Web with ease. At the push of a button, a new software conduit translates the proprietary data format into a file that Microsoft Excel can read. It then copies the file to the PC, launches Excel on the PC, and seamlessly loads the data into the DRS workbook.

Datastick Connection software has been upgraded to Connection 3.5, Connection Plus 3.5, and Connection Lite. Each provides a real-time strip-chart display with adjustable line patterns and symbols.

Prices start at $495 for the DAS-1254 with free Connection Lite software. Bundled with a 6-ft cable, it costs $537. For the DAS-1294, prices start at $955 with free Connection Lite software and $637 with a 6-ft cable. Connection software goes for $195, and Connection Plus costs $245.

Data Stick Systems Inc.

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