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<i> Electronica 2006 UPDATE: </i>20.9.2006 <br> <b> SL Power show the latest Condor and Ault power supplies </b>

SL Power Electronics Corporation — the company established following the merger of Condor DC Power and Ault — will use electronica 2006 (Hall B2 552) to debut several new products (see Figure).

On display for the first time will be the PW130 power source designed for a range of PoE applications including IP telephones, security identification such as building access control systems, broadcast or recording nodes, and wireless/Bluetooth portals. In fact, any device under 15W that can take advantage of network power suggests a potential application.

Input is from 100 to 250 V ac and the output is regulated with low ripple. Overcurrent and short circuit protection are standard. It is designed to meet Safety Agency Requirements and to comply with all relevant EMI/RFI regulations.

The just announced Condor GNT400 mid-power power-supply range can produce up to 440 W when fan cooled or 300 W if convection cooled. Convection cooling is becoming increasingly popular with medical manufacturers looking for ever increasing amounts of power without the use of fans — which can be noisy and can circulate dust.

The GNT400 comes in a compact 4 x 7 x 1.5-in. (9.5 W/in.?) package that is 1U compatible. Four standard outputs from 12 to 48 V are currently available although any voltage between 12 and 56 V is available to order. Two additional auxiliary voltages with output currents up to 10 A are available as an option.

Also on display for the first time will be a new series of nine 40 W internal power supplies. The Condor GECA40 series comprises industry standard 3 x 5-in. footprint units for easy "drop-in" replacement, and all meet broad international performance requirements and international safety standards, including UL, CSA, and CISPR 22. They are also EMC and RoHS compliant. Models in this series include units with single and multiple outputs from 3.3 to 24 V. Input range is a wide 90 to 264 V ac.

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