Electronic Design

<i> Electronica 2006 UPDATE: </i>27.10.2006 <br> <b> Sharp focus on new technologies </b>

Sharp is presenting new developments in the areas of LCDs, camera modules, optoelectronic components and DVB tuners.

One development is a display showing three different images on one screen at the same time using the new Triple Directional Viewing LCD from Sharp (Hall A3, Stand 424). Depending on the viewing angle, the user can watch different programmes from the right, left or front. These panels are suited for car navigation systems or eSignage applications. For clear vision even in difficult lighting conditions like direct sunshine Sharp is presenting two LCD technologies, the Transflective and Low Reflection Displays which are designed for the industrial sector.

Sharp says that advances in the contrast ratio substantially improve readability of LCDs. An example at the show is an automotive LCD with a contrast ratio of 1500:1.

In the area of optoelectronic components Sharp is showcasing a range of new sensors for the automotive sector. These include Ambient Light Sensors (ALS) for backlight control of navigation and information displays in vehicles.

Another new feature is the IrSimple system solution which provides simplified data communication over short distances. They can be employed in consumer applications such as mobile phones or notebooks.

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