The Industry’s Only Conductive Glue-Mountable Thermistor Launches

Hoofddorp, the Netherlands: Selected components from Murata’s NTC thermistor range are now available in versions suitable for conductive glue mounting. The NCG18 series of conductive glue-mountable thermistors is the industry’s first, according to the company.

The parts feature the same characteristics as Murata’s NCP18 series. As a result, all of the relevant circuit parameters can be maintained as designers migrate to the new model, saving design time and cost.

Conductive glue is a common method for mounting components in applications that demand reliability at high temperatures, particularly in automotive environments. It’s also used in applications that cannot be subjected to the heat of the solder paste mounting process, such as LCD panels, organic electro-luminescent (EL) and LED displays, and charge-coupled devices, which are particularly sensitive to high temperatures.

There are initially two parts in the NCG18 series, both available in the 0603 case size. The NCG18XH103 has a thermal constant of 3380K and a resistance of 10 kΩ at 25°C, while the NCG18WF104 has a thermal constant of 4200K and a resistance of 100 kΩ at 25°C. Both dissipate 1.0 mW/°C and feature an operating temperature of –40°C to 150°C.

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