Electronic Design

InHand Utilizes Electronic Paper Display

InHand develops standard and custom mobile solutions. At Boston ESC, they were showing off a neat example called the Soldier Flex PDA that incorporates an electronic paper display. Unlike LCDs, the electronic paper display retains its image when power is removed. This can significantly reduce battery requirements. The Soldier Flex PDA designed to be the next generation of situational awareness PDA for US Army soldiers. The PDA utilizes InHand's Fingertip4 module that supports InHand's BatterySmart technology. The unit weighs less than one pound and runs continuously for over six hours. The Fingertip4 runs a 520MHz XScale PXA270 with 64Mbytes of NOR flash, 128 Mybtes of SDRAM, and a pair of USB ports. There is an SDIO and Compact Flash slot. Support is available for WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS via a daughtercard. Related Links InHand

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