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Instrument Controller Integrates GUI And Touchscreen

Introduced as a low-cost, C-programmable embedded computer, the QScreen instrument controller includes a graphical user interface (GUI) and a 128 x 240 display with a 5 x 4 touchscreen overlay. Exploiting the power of a Motorola HC11 microprocessor, the controller also features a real-time multitasking operating system, hundreds of pre-coded device drivers, and up to 1M of flash and 512K of RAM. Other features include eight 8-bit a/d lines, eight digital I/O lines including timer-control and PWM channels, and two RS-232/485 ports. In addition, the unit can host up to seven Wildcards—stackable I/O modules for dedicated I/O. These include octal 12-bit d/a and 16-bit a/d converters, a 24-bit analog data acquisition subsystem, compact flash card interface, buffered RS232/485 dual UARTs, high voltage/current isolated I/O, and ac or dc solid-state relays. Price is $359 each/100. MOSAIC INDUSTRIES INC., Newark, CA. (510) 790-1255.


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