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Instrument Monitors Digital/Analog Waveforms, Vectors, Pictures, Stereo

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A combination digital-analog waveform, vector, picture and stereo monitor, Model LV 5100D includes the EYE pattern display with level and time cursors to facilitate full evaluation of the digital data stream. Other features include full EDH facilities with readout of the time of detected errors, and the status of ANC, embedded audio, TRS, EAV, SAV, APCRC, FFCRC and EDH flags. Operators can assign internal and external alarms to any or all of the status readouts. A rating of serial data quality is given in terms of equivalent length of coax from an ideal source. Of particular value is a direct readout of signal data in hex form for all 1716 data points of a user-selected raster line. The line can also be selected automatically as triggered by a TRS error.

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