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Instrument Monitors HDTV Digital/Analog Waveforms

This HDTV monitor operates with 1080 and 1035 interlaced systems, with 720-progressive offered as an option. Model LV 5150D monitor has two SDI inputs, as well as a three-wire input for analog components that enables monitoring of decoder outputs or other analog sources. The instrument supports waveform, vector, picture and stereo audio monitoring. It permits the monitoring of YCbCr or RGB, decoded monitor outputs of YPbPr or RGB, full line select with a strobe in the picture display (line numbers comply with 1080, 1035 and 720 systems), and precision cursors for level and time/frequency. Errors are spotted in video (Y and C), audio and ancillary data with settable alarms for each.

TAGS: Components
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