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Integrate DVD Functions And Reduce Costs

Two chips integrate most ATSC HDTV DVD recorder functions. This significantly reduces the bill-of-materials cost of implementing HD digital video recorders by $15 or more.

The DoMiNo 8633 and 8683 from LSI Logic perform full high-definition (HD) decoding and display, HD timeshifting, and DVD recording (see the figure). The chips can decode MPEG-2 streams with [email protected] and [email protected] resolution. They also can perform complete ATSC format conversion and display. The 8633 handles one transport stream, while the 8683 handles two streams. Both chips can perform MPEG-4/DiVX encoding and decoding as well as standard-definition to high-definition up-conversion and HD JPEG display. Additionally, they can support both an optical and a hard-disk drive so video can be written to one drive while the other plays video.

In high volume, the 8633 and 8683 cost $20 and $25 each.

LSI Logic Corp.

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