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Integrated Infrared Transceiver Prolongs Portables' Battery Life

Thanks to an innovative power architecture, the firm's CHX2000 infrared, IrDA-compatible transceiver is said to prolong battery life in IR-enabled PDAs, digital still cameras, portable printers and other portables. The device features a programmable input that works with the protocol stack to allow five levels of radiated output power from 500 mA down to 10 mA. Thus, it conserves power by supplying only as much current as is needed to achieve and maintain an infrared link. For example, if the link distance is 15 cm, a 50-fold decrease in transmit power can be achieved.Power savings in receive mode are also significant: Typical receive current is just 2.5 mA, which is said to be among the lowest available for devices of this type. The transceiver enables data transmission rates of up to 4 Mb/s and contains the optical and control components needed for high-speed IrDA linking.

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