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Interactive Chip Melds PC And TV Sources

Claiming to be the only device on the market capable of sizing the PC desktop onto a TV while blending multiple video channels and preserving the analog and digital quality of each source, the FS460 interactive TV chip supports Intel's 810 and 815 graphics chipsets and is compatible with Celeron and Pentium III processors. The IC merges the PC's desktop display and up to two independent television sources into one television signal via a pixel-based alpha blender and effects generator. In addition to this melding of sources, the chip allows user interaction with on-screen content for applications such as pay TV, interactive TV, web surfing, on-line games, ande-commerce. Other features include independent scalers supporting picture-in-picture (PIP), independent x and y scaling, a pixel-addressed three-layer video mixer, and a fully programmable color keyer with soft borders.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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