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Interconnections & Packaging: Panel Light Pipes Use Dual-Lens Design To Enhance Display Intensity

The PLP5 series 5-mm panel light pipes feature a new diffused-dome dual-lens design that improves lighting intensity for use with surface-mounted or through-hole LEDs. The lens geometry at the base of the light pipe creates a concave "collector" that concentrates and forwards the LED's light output to a convex viewing surface. Lenses can be press-fit by hand from the display's front panel (fits into 0.220-in./5.6-mm hole). No additional hardware is required for installation. They come in lengths from 0.125 to 1.5 in. (3.2-38 mm) in 0.125-in. (3.2-mm) increments in standard colors of red, green, yellow, blue, and clear. Price is from $0.15 each in production lots.

Bivar Inc.
(949) 951-8808

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