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Interconnects Support Analog And Digital Video Standards

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Conforming to the Digital Visual Interface (DVI) standard, as well as existing video standards, including VGA, DFP and P&D, the MicroCross DVI line of interconnect products is designed to support analog only, digital only, and digital/analog integrated video functions. The DVI interconnects employ a crossing ground blade design that, by means of an innovative horizontal and vertical plane, provides low crosstalk and proper grounding.
At a 2.5-GHz bandwidth, the new DVI interconnects are said to provide a low-cost, high-performance interface for analog displays, potentially replacing BNCs. Digital video requirements, in turn, are met by a 4.95-Gbps bandwidth over a single link and 9.9-Gbps over a dual link. MicroCross connector systems consist of plug components, cable assemblies, right-angle and vertical receptacles, and adapters and are said to provide excellent electrical integrity and mechanical reliability. They reportedly also offer high cycle life for mobile apps and improved EMI/RFI performance. Price depends on style and quantity, with a right-angle, digital receptacle costing about $1.25 each/5,000.

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