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Inverters Power-Up Backlight Lamps

The new D Series of dc/ac inverters for powering CCFL-backlit LCDs are said to supply a constant current output so that display designers can get the rated current that their CCFLs require. The inverters included in the D Series are "generic" versions of the company's most popular open frame dc/ac inverters, such as the 8m Class, which is a compact unit for use in single-lamp/tube applications where the backlight has to be on for long periods at high brightness. Also included are selected versions of the K and L Series, with the former recommended for two lamp/tube displays and the latter serving as a compact power supply for LCDs backlit by two to four CCFLs. The D Series inverters offer efficiency ratings ranging from 80%-90% and output power from 1W-10W and are less than 8 mm high. Pricing for D Series inverters is $11.99 each/1,000 for the 8m class units, $17.99 each for K series inverters, and $32.23 each for L Series converters.

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