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IR Receivers Feature Long Range, High Noise Immunity

Designed for long-range operation in infrared remote control, data transmission, and light-barrier applications, the TSOP85 series of surface-mount infrared receiver modules targets portable systems requiring very small component profiles. Decreasing the size of optical modules results in a smaller lens, which reduces sensitivity and range. However, the TSOP85 series, from Vishay Intertechnology, eliminates this effect by adding a second lens and photodiode. In addition, the two-lens arrangement provides a broader receiving angle than one lens.

The modules feature a wide supply voltage range of 2.7 to 5.5 V. The series offers versions that can operate with short-burst (6 cycles or more per burst) transmission codes and data rates to 4000 bits/s. Other versions exhibit immunity to even severe environmental noise. All devices in the series come in seven standard carrier frequencies from 30 kHz up to 56 kHz and contain internal automatic gain-control circuitry, which enhances immunity against optical noise and other ambient disturbances. Samples and production quantities of the TSOP85 infrared receiver modules are available now, with lead times of six weeks for larger orders. The modules cost $1.50 each in small quantities.

Vishay Intertechnology

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