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IrDA Transceiver Extends Battery Life

A new IrDA-compatible infrared transceiver extends the battery life and increases the portability of personal digital assistants, pagers and mobile phones. The HSDL-3202 is said to be the industry's first IR transceiver capable of operating with logic levels as low as 1.8V. At this level, the transceiver can work with today's most popular low-power microcomputer chipsets and with custom ASICs operating at 1.4V or greater signal levels.
Featuring low power consumption, the HSDL-3202 typically draws only 20 nA of current in shutdown mode. In standby mode, power consumption is just 100 mA. When transmitting data, an integral 32 mA current source drives the LED light source, which allows the LED to be powered directly from a 2.7V supply.
The transceiver works at a distance of up to 20 cm when communicating with other IrDA low-power devices and at a 30 cm distance when communicating with standard IrDA devices. At 2.5 mm high, the device is well-suited for very slim mobile-communications products. The HSDL-3202 costs $1.80 each/50,000 in 500 or 2,500 unit reels.

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