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Java Jumps Ahead With RAD

Rave, SDKs, and new technology permeated the Sun One Conference In San Francisco this year. Project Rave was one of the new technologies displayed. Based on the JavaServer Faces technology, drag-and-drop layout of user interfaces and component infrastructures facilitate rapid application design (RAD) on servers running J2EE.

Project Relator complements Rave by providing a RAD environment that links server services to client applications on mobile devices. A new initiative for unified testing of mobile Java-based devices was also announced. All of the major handset vendors—Motorola, Nokia, Siemens, and Sony Ericsson—signed on. This will greatly improve cross-platform compatibility.

On the horizon is J2SE (Java 2 Standard Edition) 1.5. This new version of Java will include much needed improvements like support for enumerator data types and generic methods. Even more important is a general meta data facility that provides runtime info about class and objects.

Sun launched two new Web sites. The java.com site is designed for users of Java technology, while developers gather at java.net. The java.net site has areas for sharing source code and Java projects.

Sun Microsystems
www.sun.com, java.com, java.net

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