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Kits Help Jump Start Development Of PC-Based DAQ Systems

Two starter kits aim to make it easier for OEMs to put together a PC-based data acquisition system. Both the DI-154RS and DI-194RS kits are provided with ready-to-run WinDaq/Lite software for data acquisition, real-time display, playback and analysis without programming. Data acquisition rates up to 240 samples/s are supported. The starter kits also incorporate an ActiveX control library that allows them to be used with Windows programming languages, such as Visual C, Delphi, Visual BASIC and LabVIEW. The DI-154RS and DI-194RS connect to a PC’s serial port and provide four bipolar analog input channels suitable for connecting to preamplified (±10 VFS) signals. Both provide two digital inputs that may be used for remote operation through WinDaq software (events and storage) and one digital output that provides a variable frequency square wave output, similar to a built-in function generator. The DI-194RS provides 10 bits of accuracy and costs $24.95, while the DI-154RS provides 12 bits of accuracy and costs $149.95. DATAQ INSTRUMENTS INC., Akron, OH. (800) 553-9006.


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