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LCD Controllers Offer 8-Bit Operation, Large Memory

Well-suited for portable and cost-sensitive consumer applications using bit-mapped LCDs, the M38259 8-bit LCD controller typically dissipates 32 mW at 8 MHz at 5V and as little as 45 µW at 32 kHz at 3V. The device can operate at voltages as low as 2.5V and offers a large 60 KB of ROM and 2 KB or RAM to accommodate memory-intensive character sets. The MELP740 architecture is combined with firm's other popular 8-bit LCD controller characteristics to drive displays of up to 160 segments (40 segment outputs x 4 common outputs) and an 8-bit x 8-channel ADC. The M38267 8-bit LCD controller can work at voltages of 1.8V for portable wireless applications and has DTMF generator, internal 2-channel DAC, and continuous tone controlled squelch system generator along with 32 KB ROM and 1024 bytes of RAM.

Company: MITSUBISHI ELECTRONICS AMERICA INC. - Electronic Device Group

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