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LCD Drivers Handle High-Speed Images

Relying on multi-line addressing technology to accommodate frame rates beyond 15 fps, the DA8912A and DA8913A LCD drivers integrate graphic display RAM with high-speed interfaces and power management functions in a single chip. The drivers are manufactured using Chartered's 0.35 µm process and one-time programmable non-volatile memory technology from eMemory Technology. They drive STN color displays with a maximum size of 132 x 132 (DA8912A) or 96 x 96 (DA8913A) and support resolutions of either 4,096 or 65,536 colors. The DA8912A also features programmable on-chip temperature compensation. Operation is down to 2.4V, while programmable voltage booster circuits support a maximum drive voltage of 21V. Typical power consumption is 0.5 mA, including display load, for the DA8913A and 0.9 mA for the DA8912A. Both devices specify a standby consumption of 10 µA. Shared features include 278,784 bits of RAM, a serial or 8/16-bit parallel interface, and a pointer management system that automatically increments or decrements the RAM pointer after each access. For prices, contact Birgit Hummel at DIALOG SEMICONDUCTOR, Nabern, Germany. +49-7021-805-412.


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