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LCD Module Has SXGA Resolution

An 18.1-in. high-resolution color LCD module is now available for graphic design, desktop publishing, and medical applications. With its unusually wide, 170° maximum viewing angle (top/down and left/right), it's equivalent to a 20-in.CRT monitor.

The display employs an amorphous-silicon thin-film-transistor (TFT) active-matrix screen. Its low-voltage differential-signaling (LVDS) interface delivers 8-bit RGB signals with 16.77 million colors and up to a 1280- by 1024-pixel SXGA resolution.

The NL128102AC28-04 is the digital version. The two analog models, the NL128102AC28-01 and -01A, enable full interchangeability with existing CRT monitors. The -01, which only has the glass module, lets users design their own card or buy a third-party card. The -01A has a glass module with an interface card plugged in the back of the panel.

All three versions have an average brightness of 200 candelas/m2 and a typical contrast of 300:1. They also have a 0.2805-mm pixel pitch, both horizontally and vertically. The screen measures 359.04 by 287.232 mm. Overall, the display's dimensions are 424 by 337 by 40 mm. Maximum power consumption is 36 W.

Sample quantities are available now. The modules cost about $2500. Production quantities are expected shortly.

NEC Electronics Inc., 2880 Scott Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95052; (800) 366-9782; fax (800) 729-9288; www.necel.com.

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