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LCD Taps New Technology To Sharpen Moving Images

A new technology, called Feed Forward Driving (FFD), has been developed that slashes intra-grayscale response times for TFT LCDs, enabling fast-changing images and text to be displayed with increased clarity. Incorporated in an ASIC together with frame memory and lookup table, FFD technology is said to reduce response times from an average of 84 ms or more to less than 20 ms. This greatly accelerates the frame-to-frame process and eliminates the traditional problem of slow intra-grayscale response times associated with TFT LCDs. The new displays are targeted at applications like medical, test and measurement, gaming and point-of-sale equipment. The first unit to be offered with FFD is the P/N T51784D150-FW-A-AA, a 15" XGA TFT LCD featuring a luminance of 450 nits, contrast ratio of 500:1, a 150° viewing angle, and high color saturation. Since the entire signal process is performed in its internal circuit, the LCD with FFD is backward compatible with previous LCD generations. The new 15" LCD costs $540 each in sample quantities. For more details, call John Cramer at OPTREX AMERICA INC., Plymouth, MI. (734) 416-8500.


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