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LCDs Hoist Contrast Levels

LCDs Hoist Contrast Levels

The InfoVue Enhanced Background Twisted Nematic (EBTN) family of custom negative-image TN LCDs promise significant performance boosts in the form of contrast levels up to 6x higher than standard TN LCDs at costs up to 40% lower and energy requirements up to 50% lower. Contrast ratio is 300 to 1, compared to traditional LCDs which offer 50 to 1. EBTN technology is compatible with standard LCD drivers and suits a wide range of apps including industrial control, medical, communications, and appliances. Additionally, the RoHs-compliant InfoVue EBTN LCDs are available in sizes ranging from one inch squared to five inches squared. Pricing is approximately $0.50 to $10 each in production quantities. LUMEX INC., Palatine, IL. (800) 278-5666.
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