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LCDs, LEDs & IR SENSORS- Complete details on LCDs, LEDs, laser diodes, and IR emitters and sensors are included in this CD-ROM, along with full descriptions of the firm's support and engineering services. The CD contains four major sections. The largest area on the CD is a product gallery, divided into 11 product sections. It contains detailed specifications, complete mechanical drawings, and a listing of the appropriate application areas for each part number. The gallery also contains a search engine to help users find the correct part quickly. The second section contains a cross-reference database. The third section is a custom-capabilities gallery that contains thumbnail case histories. The final section of the CD includes a detailed description of the firm's value-added services facility, which provides services such as sorting and selecting LEDs by brightness and color, bending and forming LED leads, installing spacers, and placing the resulting semi-custom LEDs onto tape for auto-insertion assembly environments.

Company: LUMEX INC. - Sales Department

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Components
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