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LCDs Meet Demanding Industrial Specs

Groomed for rugged industrial installations, the 5.7 in. LQ057V3DG02 and 8.4 in. LQ084V3DG01 VGA TFT-LCDs from Sharp Electronics Inc., meet the company’s Strong 2 criteria for industrial display technology, which defines stringent standards for brightness, contrast, temperature range, shock, and vibration. These standards include a minimum brightness of 400 nits, standard contrast ratio of 600:1, operating temperatures ranging from -30º to 80ºC, and certifications for withstanding 60g to 70g of shock and 1.5g to 2g of vibration. Featuring chip-on-glass technology, the LQ057V3DG02 provides a 640 x 480 pixel format and an 18 x LED backlighting system that provides a brightness of 400 nits. The LQ084V3DG01 module sports a 640 x 480 pixel format and delivers 400 nits of brightness from a 2 x CCFL backlighting system. Single-piece sample prices for the LQ057V3DG02 and LQ084V3DG01 are $175 and $300, respectively.

Sharp Electronics

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