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LCDs Sport Anti-Reflective Surfaces

The company?s family of industrial TFT color LCD modules employ an anti-reflective surface treatment on the front polarizer that promises to dramatically improve high ambient light legibility and image clarity. Reportedly, the coating reduces surface reflectivity of the LCD panel to approximately 0.3%, compared to the 6% to 12% reflectance common to a standard anti-glare surfaces. Components available with the treatment include 6.5" VGA and 8.4" VGA displays and a 12.1" SVGA unit. The 6.5" T-51750GD065J-FW-AB has a resolution of 640 x 480 dot pixels, luminance of 400 nits, 300:1 contrast ratio, and employs chip-on-glass construction. The 8.4" T-51638D084J-FW-A-AC has a luminance of 480 nits and a 500:1 contrast ratio, with reverse-scan capability. With an 800 x 600 resolution, the 12.1" T-51512D121J-FW-A-AC SVGA module delivers a luminance of 350 nits and a contrast ratio of 500:1, also with reverse-scan capability. Prices for the 6.5", 8.4", and 12.1" displays are $242, $345, and $441, respectively. OPTREX AMERICA INC., Plymouth, MI. (734) 416-8500.


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