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LCDs Sport White And Green Backlighting

Additions to the company's LCD offerings include the CM16022 series 16 x 2-character LCD with white LED backlight and the CM200200 series 20 x 2-character, negative-mode LCD with green LED backlight. Both components employ the standard KS0066 chip set, which provides users with an eight-bit data input. The CM16022 series measures 85 mm x 36 mm x 13.5 mm while the CM200200 series logs in at 116 mm x 37 mm x 13.5 mm. Prices for the CM16022 and CM200200 are $5.75 and $8.50 each/1,000, respectively. For further information, contact DATA IMAGE US OPERATIONS, Orlando, FL. (407) 243-9970.


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