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LCR Meter Has RS-232 Interface

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The Passive Component LCR Meter Model 380193 now boasts of a built-in RS-232 interface. Optional Windows software tackles data capture and analysis, and the meter measures inductance (2,000 mH to10,000H) and capacitance (2,000 pF to 10 mF) with 0.7% basic accuracy. A 4-1/2-digit, backlit LCD (resolution to 0.1 pF, 0.1 mH and 0.001W) displays the measurements, with the primary parameters (L, C or R) displayed simultaneously with the secondary parameter (Q, D or R) on the 20,000/10,000 count display. The Model 380193 provides test frequencies of 120 Hz and 1 kHz, the ability to set Hi/Lo limits using absolute values or percentage limits, and a selectable parallel or series equivalent circuit. Additional features include max/min/avg recording, a built-in test fixture, auto power off, and open and short zero to remove unwanted stray impedance from the measurement. A 9V battery or optional AC adapter powers the meter. The Model 380193 comes with test leads, alligator clips, a 9V battery and protective holster and costs $179. EXTECH INSTRUMENTS CORP., Waltham, MA. (781) 890-7440.

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