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LCR Meter Serves Benchtop Needs

A new LCR meter has been specifically designed for benchtop use or automated test on a wide variety of passive components and materials. The 1715 Digibridge LCR meter will measure, display, and output the results of two parameters at a time, including capacitance, ac resistance, inductance, series or parallel, as well as dissipation factor, quality factor, impedance, phase angle, and reactance. Useful for incoming inspection, quality control or production applications, the 1715 has a basic measurement accuracy of 0.2% and test frequencies of 100 Hz, 120 Hz, 1 kHz, and 10 kHz. Interfaces include a standard RS-232 and an optional IEEE-488/handler. The test operator has the ability to store the test setup in internal memory so a test can be configured quickly and run the same way every time. The 1715 includes a programmable Hi/Lo comparator function, displaying value, deviation or percent deviation around a nominal value. Eight sorting bins are used for categorization of components in percent around a nominal value. To ensure optimum compatibility to the device under test, the 1715 provides automatic selection of the measurement range and instrument source impedance from 25W to 100 kW. Pricing is $1,295. QUADTECH INC., Maynard, MA. (800) 253-1230.


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