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LCR Tester Carries CE Mark

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The 1710 LCR tester is for general-purpose measuring of resistive, capacitive and inductive components with automatic ranging over a wide range of values. For use in incoming inspection, engineering laboratories and production lines, the instrument carries the CE Mark for wide market acceptance. The 1710 offers a dual, easy-to-read digital display, one for L, C or R and another for D or Q. Measurement frequency can be selected for 120 Hz or 1 kHz with basic accuracy of 0.2% at a measurement rate of 3 per second. The instrument can display the percent deviation from a user-programmed nominal value. A 4 terminal Kelvin clip lead and automatic zeroing function provide maximum measurement integrity to the device-under-test. Accessories include axial/radial test fixtures, remote fixtures, banana plug and chip component tweezer test leads. Price is $1295.

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