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LCR Testers Display Equivalent Circuits

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Accurate measurement of components in a service, production or laboratory environment is said to be achieved with the 4200 Series of automatic LCR testers. Three models- 4270, 4265 and 4265- are available, each providing simple, straightforward operation and taking measurements over a wide range of test frequencies and voltage levels. The testers' large LCDs display data in less than a second. The dominant component value can be measured with a basic accuracy of 0.1% and is displayed with the component's equivalent circuit diagram. For testing primary power components, such as transformers and filter capacitors, Models 4270 and 4265 work with 50- and 60-Hz test frequencies combined with 100- and 120-Hz ripple frequencies. In the 100-Hz to 20-kHz range, both LCR meters provide 100-Hz resolution for precision frequency characterization. For testing small-value capacitors, Model 4265 offers a 100-kHz range. Model 4270 is continuously adjustable up to 1 MHz. Component test voltages are variable from 2V down to 50 mV. DC bias can be added, either from a built-in source or from an external source up to 40 vdc.

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