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Lead-Lag Controller Distributes Runtime Over Multiple Air Conditioning Units

This innovative device allows the user to control the operation of the air conditioners based on either temperature or runtime. For customers with fluctuating heat loads, the KT400 lead-lag controller will bring the second air conditioner on-line as the heat load increases and shut it down as the demand for additional cooling diminishes. The lead-tag controller can also be used to distribute the run-time over multiple units, balancing the service life of air conditioners sharing a common installation. The controller features an LED display to indicate which air conditioner is on the run cycle and whether a unit is in the cooling or heating mode. The controller is ideal for use with the company's Advantage series of indoor/outdoor NEMA 3R rated air conditioners in telecommunications cabinets designed for redundant cooling packages. KOOLTRONICS, INC., Pennington, NJ. (609) 466-3400.


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