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LED Family Gets A Boost With High-Brightness Chipset

Fresh out of CES 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Luminus Devices, Inc. has expanded and enhanced the PhlatLight family of LEDs with the PT-121 chipset. This chipset forecasts high-brightness levels in next-gen, lamp-free data projectors. It delivers optimal performance when used in conjunction with Texas Instruments’ digital light processing technology (DLP) and consists of a red, green, and blue LED.

The chipset suits data projectors using micro-displays ranging from 0.65 in. to 1 in. Features include instant start up with no warm up and cool down period necessary; a wide color gamut that exceeds NTSC standards; and a lifespan exceeding 60,000 hours. The red, green and blue chips produce more than 2,000 white lumens at a color temperature of 8,000 in time-sequential-pulsed mode. Additionally, the monolithic emission area per color allows for single-lens collection and simpler optics.

Luminus Devices

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