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LED Gets A Brightness Enhancement

LED Gets A Brightness Enhancement

The ASMT-FJ60 miniature auto focus LED, debuting as an enhancement to the ASMT-FJ30 series, targets high-brightness apps such as an auxiliary auto focus flash in camera applications that require long distance illumination and a narrow radiation pattern. With a footprint that can fit on the head of a pencil eraser, the ASMT-FJ60 incorporates an un-tinted, non-diffused lens that provides light output within a narrow 10-degree radiation pattern to assist the auto focus function in low-light or dark environments.  Other features include package dimensions of 4.8 mm x 4.8 mm x 4.35 mm and a light output of 29 cd at 20 mA. Pricing for the ASMT-FJ60 SMT LEDs is $0.30 each/10,000. AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES, San Jose, CA. (800) 235-0312.


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