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LED Lighting System Enables Sustainable Solutions

PrevaLED, a unique LED directional light system, is said to make the evolution of LED technology a more seamless and sustainable process. Addressing not only the needs and limitations of the current SSL market, the system promises to pave the way in preparing for the transition to future advancements in the SSL space. PrevaLED employs a modular, common form-factor for its light engines, enabling luminaire manufacturers to create sustainable lighting solutions in lieu of the constant evolution of LED technology and efficiency. Additionally, end users will have the ability to upgrade to future energy efficient light sources. Features include a color-rendering index of more than 90 at both 3,000K and 4,000K color temperatures and active control of the light output to reduce visual variations between light engines. A version consisting of two-inch round modules will be available in a range of 800 to 3000 lumens and with multiple integrated reflector mounting options. OSRAM OPTO SEMICONDUCTORS, San Jose, CA. (888) 446-7726.


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