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LED Tube Replaces Fluorescents In Coolers And Freezers

Debuting as a viable and desirable fluorescent replacement in display cases, coolers, and freezers, the series LED60T8SM-360-XPW-001W five-foot, bi-pin LED tube lights fit into standard G13 bases and are designed with a smaller tube diameter. Notably, the minimal heat output of LEDs keeps temperatures inside the coolers and freezers optimally lower. The 60-inch-long tube lamps come in clear (LED60T8SM-360-XPW-001W) and frosted (LED60T8SM-360-XPW-001WF) and operate on input voltages from 90 to 290 Vac, accommodating both North American or European currents. They typically consume 21W at 120 Vac and deliver a total lumen output of 1,950 (clear lens) and 1,798 (frosted lens) at color temperatures between 4500K to 5200K (pure daylight white). They provide a brightness of 668 candelas (clear lens) and 527 (frosted lens) across a wide beam pattern of up to 140 degrees. Other viewing angles, tube lengths and a variety of LED light colors are available. LEDTRONICS, INC., Torrance, CA. (800) 579-4875.

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