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Light Engines Crank Out The Brightness

Based on a modular design, the LED Light Engines integrate one or more high brightness, compact LEDs, such as the Luxeon III Star or Luxeon V, within a 3" x 5" woven or UniGlo fiber-optic panel. Encased in an aluminum housing that acts as a heat sink, the assembly achieves typical brightness levels up to 100 ft-l or more. Brightness varies according to the particular application and the number of LEDs employed. Offered as an alternative to halogens, incandescents, light arrays, and CCFLs, applications include touch screens, MRI illumination, backlighting, machine vision, membrane switch applications, and a variety of specialty chores such as high-end salon and spa equipment. Pricing for a Light Engine with a single Luxeon III Star light source is approximately $10 to $50 in OEM quantities. For more information, call Brian Spahnie at LUMITEX INC., Strongsville, OH. (800) 969-5483.


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