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Light Guides Enhance Touch-Enabled Displays

Light Guides Enhance Touch-Enabled Displays

Global Lighting’s ultra-thin light guides employ a LED-based edge-lighting technology that enhances touch-enabled display graphics. They direct bright, uniform light exactly where necessary for directional symbols, on/off buttons, logos, switches, sliders, and whatever other graphic icons require illumination. The guides use side-firing LEDs and focus light through a guide measuring 0.6 mm or less via light-extraction technologies such as Microlens. They can eliminate the need to use individual LEDs for each icon, or button as well as multiple LEDs for larger areas. Additionally, the light guides are compatible with a variety of overlays including glass, polycarbonate, polyester, acrylic, and virtually any non-conductive material. GLOBAL LIGHTING TECHNOLOGIES INC., Brecksville, OH. (866) 922-4584.

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