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Line of IrDA Communication Devices Expands

The RPM-800 Series of IrDA communication devices for use in laptop PCs, cell phones and digital still cameras has expanded to include the RPM-800CB, RPM-801CB and PRM-851A devices. All three support the IrDA V1.0 SIR (115.2 kb/s) standard.The RPM-851A device includes an infrared LED, a PIN photodiode and a waveform-shaping LSI in a single package. The RPM-800CB and RPM-801CB add a modulation/demodulation circuit that allows direct connection of the devices to the UART. The RPM-800CB also offers an ASK modulator/demodulator that allows communication with devices supporting this standard. All of the RPM-800 series devices convert the TXD electrical signal to an infrared transmission signal. When receiving, they collect the infrared transmission signal and convert it into an electrical signal. Operation is with an 870-nm wavelength.


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