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Load Indicators Work Directly With Capacitive Sensors

The DS-2100 and the DS-2100 WiFi displays from Loadstar Sensors Inc. are load indicators designed to work seamlessly with the company's patented capacitive load sensors. The DS-2100 is for wired connections to a host PC's RS-232 serial port, and the DS-2100 WiFi version allows connection to the computer via an IEEE 802.11b interface, employing the same ASCII command set and data output format as the wired version. So, designers do not have to use data formatted in binary or hexadecimal systems.

The indicators accept inputs from up to four CS Series load sensors, digitizing analog signals using 21-bit analog-to-digital converters. They automatically sum loads from all connected sensors, and let users "tare" values from a set pre-load. The units display the load levels on bright red LED displays, calibrating the load in increments of 0.1 lb. up to 999.9 lbs. They output the raw data in decimal format. The indicators run on 9 V dc. The DS series displays work seamlessly with Loadstar's LoadVUE software, a WindowsXP-based application. The software allows users to calibrate up to four attached sensors, display individual and total loads on screen, and log data to a data file.

The DS-2100 lists for $245, and the DS-2100 WiFi for $399. The LoadVUE software is priced at $195. Contact the company for OEM and volume prices. For more information, go to www.loadstarsensors.com.

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