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Logic Analyzer Services Mid-Range Market

Introduced as the most affordable logic analyzers in the company's TLA family, the TLA 600 series analyzers provide 2-GHz timing with up to 200-MHz state. They are also claimed to be the first logic analyzers in their price range to bring the company's MagniVu acquisition technology to an open Windows user interface and PC platform. The technology enables the logic analyzers to offer a 500-ps timing resolution on all channels.
The series is composed of 12 instruments, each with channel widths ranging from 34 to 136 channels. Eight models come with an integrated display and keypad. The other four models use an external PC monitor and are suitable for users who work remotely over a network, have limited space, and/or desire additional cost savings. Options are available for 200-MHz state speed, 256-K and 1-M sample memory depths, and a variety of probing solutions.
Pricing starts at $7000 for 34-channel models, $9500 for 68 channels, $12,000 for 102 channels, and $14,500 for 136 channels.

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