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Low-Cost LCD Is Compact And Super Bright

Measuring only 60 mm x 108 mm x 44 mm, the NAiS ATM-10 backlit LCD features a super-bright display with 5-mm high characters that can display two lines of 16-character text. Up to 128 messages with scrolling and flashing characters per message can be set up to command a variety of functions.
The unit includes two system keys, six programmable function keys, and four types of key functions: momentary, toggle, on/off, and set/reset. Other features include easy-to-use 32-bit programming software and alarm annunciation LEDs. And all of the company's PLCs can be attached to the ATM-10 LCD without a protocol PROM. Two RS-232C serial ports are built in, enabling pass-through capability that allows programming of the PLC through the ATM-10 while it is communicating with the PLC.
Rated power consumption for the display is 180 mA at 5 vdc. The ATM-10 backlit LCD is rated IP65, hose-down washable, and conforms to CE/CSA requirements. List price is under $200 each.


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