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Low-Costy IR Camera Delivers Accurate Results Up To 250°C

High-end image quality and thermal sensitivities within 0.1°C at up to 250°C are two key features of the IR-Insight T250 temperature-measuring infrared (IR) camera from Infrared Solutions. Its 3.5-in. LCD readout displays clear and crisp images even with "hot spots" in the background. Plus, its "point and shoot" operation makes it quick and easy to use. Cost is $10,995.

Standard optics supplied on the camera enable 23° horizontal and 17° vertical fields of view. Custom optics can be provided for wider fields of view. Internal flash memory holds up to 150 images. The T250 can be easily connected to a PC for image transfers via an RS-232 or a USB interface. Additionally, it operates at a 30-Hz frame rate.

Constructed with a yellow ABS housing, the camera includes the company's SightView image analysis and reporting software at no extra cost. So even if you have little or no experience in thermography, it's still easy to use.

The basic part of the instrument, the IR-Insight thermal imager, also is available. This uncooled micro-bolometer detector consists of an array of 160-by-120 51-µm2 pixels. The lower-range model T-100 IR camera, which provides measurements up to 100°C, can be obtained as well.

Infrared Solutions Inc.
(800) 760-4523

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