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Low-Power Microdisplay Delivers Full-Motion Color Video

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Dissipating only 90 mW and delivering up to 24-bit color depth (16.7 million colors), the CMD3X2A microdisplay is said to be on track for use in next-generation mobile communication and entertainment and digital imaging products. By employing a patented Dynamic Nematic Liquid Crystal on Silicon technology, the 3.84 mm (H) x 2.88 mm (V) active area display reportedly can deliver refresh rates of up to 120 Hz (360 colors/s), resulting in sharp still images and full-motion video.
Accompanying the CMD3X2A is the CMD3XLB illumination controller that manages the microdisplay's RGB LEDs to optimize system performance and image quality. In addition, the display's large reflective pixels are said to overcome the pixelization, high power dissipation, and low optical efficiency found in transmissive microdisplays and thereby deliver virtually seamless images and low power consumption (15 mW for the display alone and 90 mW with illumination and drivers).
A complete optical module consisting of the CMD3X2A display, CMD3XLB illumination controller in a 24-pin TSSOP, and third-party RGB LED illuminator is said to deliver brightness levels in excess of 30 fL and a contrast ratio of 100:1.

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