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Low Voltage MCUs Integrate Four MUX LCD Drivers

The EM6625 and EM6626 microcontrollers operate on 1.2V to 3.6V and feature a built-in 4 MUX LCD driver. Both MCUs include internal voltage regulators and consume 1.6 µA in active mode, 0.4 µA in standby mode (LCD off), and 0.2 µA in sleep mode. The EM6625 drives 20 LCD segments, three or four times multiplexed, and the EM6626 drives 32 segments, three or four times multiplexed. LCD frequencies are 32, 42.7 or 64 Hz, allowing the displays to avoid interference with harmonics in RF and communication applications. Other features include a seven tone melody generator, 32 and 128 kHz crystal oscillators, 4K x 16-bit mask ROM, 128 x 4-bit RAM, free LCD segment allocation, 12 inputs and 8 outputs maximum, an 8-bit SPI port with master and slave modes, a 10-bit universal counter, PWM function, and a millisecond counter. For development, an emulator and simulator are available with Windows-based software. Available in 52- and 64-pin TQFPs, as well as die form, the MCUs starts at $1.10 each/50K. EM MICROELECTRONIC, Colorado Springs, CO. (719) 598-9224.


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