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Lower-Cost LTCC-M Package Handles High-Brightness LEDs

Thanks to its proprietary multilayer ceramic-on-metal technology, a high-brightness LED package can offer superior heat dissipation to conventional packages. It costs approximately half that of conventional packages and can withstand high operating temperatures up to 250°C, compared to about 70°C for many conventional plastic packages, due in part to its 170-W/mK thermal conductivity. Developed by Lamina Ceramics, the low-temperature cofired ceramic-on-metal (LTCC-M) package is designed for LED arrays used as replacements for incandescent bulbs, such as traffic signals, automotive, signs and displays, illumination, and backlighting. LED dies may be attached directly to the LTCC-M package via a densely packed array to achieve a light density of up to 840 lumens/in.2 Prototypes can be delivered in as little as four weeks.

Lamina Ceramics Inc.
(800) 808-5822

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