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Major Players Team Up To Create Mobile Wired Connectivity Standard

Pooling talents and resources to form a Mobile High-Definition Interface Working Group, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Silicon Image, Inc., Sony Corp., Nokia Corp., and Toshiba Corp. plan to create an industry standard for an audio/video interface to connect mobile phones or portable consumer electronics devices directly to high-definition televisions and displays. The unique mobile connectivity standard relies on Silicon Image’s Mobile High-Definition Link technology and will be defined, promoted, and marketed as an industry standard open to anyone. The group envisions large-scale development of mobile products that adhere to the standard across a broad connectivity ecosystem, providing a cost-effective implementation for manufacturers while offering consumers a simple and reliable mobile connectivity experience. A single-cable with a low pin count interface will be able to support up to 1080p high-definition digital video and HD audio in addition to delivering power to a portable device. For more details, visit www.nokia.com, www.samsung.com, www.siliconimage.com, www.sony.net, and/or www.toshiba.co.jp.


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