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MCUs Boost A-D, D-A Performance

Ten new microcontrollers (MCUs) in the H8SX family offer a faster analog-to-digital converter and a more precise digital-to-analog converter. The 32-bit, 50-MHz devices give embedded systems better analog signal-processing capabilities for interfacing to TFT displays, sensors, scanners, and other types of I/O elements found in PCs, digital consumer products, office automation, and industrial equipment. The MCUs are members of the H8SX/1645, H8SX/1635, H8SX/1665, and H8SX/1655 product groups. The devices have up to 512 kbytes of on-chip flash memory and 40 kbytes of RAM. The flash memory is accessible in a single cycle at the 50-MHz operating frequency for fast response time. A powerful complex instruction set computer (CISC) instruction set and the single-cycle flash access combine to ensure deterministic system operation for time-critical control routines. Peripherals include a programmable pulse generator that can be teamed with a 16-bit timer pulse unit to implement pulse-output operation, and an I2C bus interface. A multi-channel serial communication interface includes two high-speed channels that support 720-kbit/s rates, and one of its operating modes accepts a clock input from an 8-bit timer, allowing flexible, programmable transfer rates. The devices will be available in September. Samples prices are $11 to $16 dollars each. RENESAS TECHNOLOGY AMERICA INC., San Jose, CA. (408) 621-2700.


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