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MCUs Pack In The Memory

Based on the company's proprietary programmable system device (PSD) architecture, the µPSD3200 family of 8051-based microcontrollers (MCUs) features large dual-bank flash memory, a large SRAM, flash-based programmable logic, and JTAG in-system programming. A 40-MHz, 8032 core supports USB, with the MCUs including up to 288 KB of flash memory and 8 KB of SRAM. First in the series is the µPSD3234A, which provides two independent banks of flash memory (256 KB and 32 KB) capable of concurrent read/write operations, 8 KB of SRAM, and over 3,000 gates of programmable logic with 16 macrocells. Peripherals include a USB interface, two UART channels, four eight-bit PWM units, four 8-bit A/D converter channels, an I2C master-slave interface, a data display channel, supervisory functions, and up to 50 general-purpose I/O pins. Memory mapping is performed by a decoding PLD that can assign any flash or SRAM memory segment to any address on any memory page or bank. Said to be a unique feature, flash memory can be allocated to 8032 code space or data space in almost any proportion. Available in 52-pin and 80-pin TQFPs with industrial operating temperature ranges, the µPSD3233B-40T6 is priced at $4.21 and the µPSD3234A-40U6 at $5.04 each/10K. STMICROELECTRONICS INC., Lexington, MA. (781) 861-2650.


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